We're not crazy! Those people were lying! All of them! They're all liars! We just like to make stuff to make people laugh and look at us strange. Is that so strange? We're normal people, just like you and me! Who are we to judge you!


What are these files?

We make these audio recordings for use with answering machines of times past. People used to use these electronic devices attached to their phones, which were then physical units attached to wall jacks, which would provide voicemail-type features for those traditional phones. We provide messages to put on those devices. Just our way of saying thank you for visiting our site and spending money on our affiliate links. If you don't spend money, please don't listen to the files. It's only right.

How do I download the messages?

You can download them from the Internet. We've been told the Internet stores them all here: https://soundcloud.com/ugotsta/sets/daskitz

It's also possible to download them from YouTube but we don't know how the Internet talks to YouTube to get the files from there. You might need to ask the Internet Police.



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